Are you striving to restore your healthy relationship with food? With an ever-growing amount of available information on the Internet and on other media resources about food, weight loss, and nutrition, the informational clutter can easily lead you to fall into a trap. If you are already aware that you’ve strayed too far from what it’s natural, then probably you’re dealing with a disease or sickness that must be given a really serious consideration. If you’re looking for the perfect diet or nutrition plan that can help you get back on track when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, then find out why you need nutrition coaching today.

What is Nutrition Coaching?

Nutrition coaching is a body and lifestyle transformation program which aims to guide an individual to achieve sustainable changes through healthy eating and lifestyle habits. The program is carefully tailored based on the person’s current situation and nutritional goals. A personal nutrition coach guides and inspires an individual to stick to the plan to be able to acquire the desired results.

Nutrition Coach versus Nutritionist

You might be surprised to know that there is a difference between these two. While they are undoubtedly related, each one has distinctive qualities over the other. In order to find out who can best suit your needs, then here are some key insights:

Nutrition Coach

Also called as a health coach, a nutrition coach is a health counselor, a mentor, a nutritionist and a motivator rolled into one. They are professionals with diverse education and backgrounds who possess defined skills, knowledge and resources that can deliver sustainable changes in a client-centered process. A nutrition coach recognizes that being healthy is not just all about sticking to a proper diet. Instead, they also give importance to non-dietary aspects to improve a person’s overall, holistic wellbeing. They also inspire and motivate the clients to take responsibility for their own health which can lead them to achieve their personal wellness goals.


A person who gives advices about the general nutrition and health properties in food is called a nutritionist. Similar to a nutrition coach, the educational backgrounds of nutritionists can vary. However, they cannot call themselves as dietitians or RD unless they have obtained proper license. While there are some nutritionists who can offer support when it comes to giving eating disorders diagnosis, the majority of their work revolves around food behavior.

How Nutrition Coaching Can Bring You a Lifetime of Optimal Health

When it comes to health, wellness and nutrition, conflicting information might bring you more serious problems than benefits. While some nutrition plans work impressively to others, it doesn’t automatically mean that the same will work for you. From analyzing your current situation to goal setting initiatives, set of techniques and strategies, schedules and others, a nutrition coach can help you achieve the best results.

Find the Best Nutrition Coach at Valkyrie Fitness and Nutrition!

Dana DeBoer strongly believes that living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. If your goal is to achieve a lifetime of optimal health, then a nutrition program must consist of a healthy diet and an exercise plan that is carefully tailored based on your wellness goals. From nutrition coaching, personal training, online fitness and even corporate wellness programs, Valkyrie Fitness and Nutrition is confident that you will see results and feel great in the least amount of time!

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