• checkLower insurance premiums
  • check​Improve employee productivity
  • checkLess sick leave and work related injuries
  • checkIncrease new employee recruitment
  • check​Improve overall job happiness
  • checkIncrease team building
  • checkImprove work, life balance​


Whether your group is looking to increase productivity, lower insurance premiums, increase team building skills, or train for a Spartan Race, my exercise classes will help your company achieve their objective!

Exercise classes will focus on technique to ensure effectivity and prevent injury. Fitness training provides accountability, motivation, improved work place productivity and employee wellness.

Exercises can be tailored to all abilities/injuries, medical conditions and goals. Various techniques and equipment will be used to achieve the best results in the most efficient and effective way.


Get your team engaged with interactive nutrition seminars taught by a Certified Nutritionist. Learn the importance of healthy eating on their waistline, sleep, energy levels and physical performance.

​Traveling and vendor dinners for work can be hard on individuals to eat healthy due to portion sizing and limited healthy options. During the seminars, employees will learn how to eat according to their needs, both on the road and at home. Nutrition benefits not only the employees but their families as well.​ When the employee learns ways to be healthier they can implement positive changes in their household.

Seminars include PowerPoint presentations, handouts, recipes, food tracking logs, snacks and more! Each session can also be tailored to each company’s needs and wants.


Stockholm University conducted a study to show it’s possible to use work time for exercise and other health-promoting measures and still maintain the same or higher levels of production. The same level of production with fewer hours of work means greater productivity and employees benefit from better health due to physical activity.

“This increased productivity comes, on the one hand, from people getting more done during the hours they are at work, perhaps because of increased stamina and, on the other hand, from less absenteeism owing to sickness,” says study researchers Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz and Henna Hasson.

In the study, two workplaces replaced 2.5 work hours per week with 2.5 hours of physical activity. Another group had the same decrease in work hours but without the mandatory exercise, and a third group maintained their usual work hours.

The study showed that those who exercised reported improvements in productivity. They were able to get more done at work, had a greater work capacity and were sick less.