To any kind of company or organization, there is no question that the employees are always the most valuable assets. And when it comes to business, everyone knows that the maintenance of these assets is indisputably more cost-effective and more cost-efficient than finding replacements. While there is a continuous debate going on about the privacy, effectiveness, and implementation of a corporate wellness program, research and studies show that a company wherein the employees are being encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle enjoys plenty of great and long-term benefits.

Corporate Wellness Program: An Overview

A corporate wellness program is any kind of program that is implemented by an employer with the main goal of improving the health of its labor force. Whether it’s in the form of structural or cultural support, or through intensive programs, employers are now expected to implement strategies which aim to improve employees’ health. This can ultimately lead to higher job efficiency, reduced medical costs, a strong boost to the employees’ morale and safer working environments.

What are the top benefits of health and wellness programs?

    • From holding employee seminars, mandatory staff training or with the help of a third-party service provider, the implementation of a corporate wellness program has been proven to promote the following benefits:
    • By improving their physical strength and stamina, the employees feel more inspired and more energized to focus on their works.
    • By improving their general well-being, they can foster a more positive outlook on life which helps in building great relations with supervisors and co-workers.
    • By showing the employees that they are considered as the most valuable assets, a company can retain good employees and even attract more.
    • The entire company can benefit from reduced turnover, reduced absenteeism, and improved productivity.
  • By promoting health and wellness goals beyond the workplace, the company can enhance its corporate image and attract long-term interests.

As more and more companies are trying to find out the best solution to combat rising health issues and health care costs, the implementation of health and wellness programs becomes more important than ever. However, without a proper game plan and experience, a corporate wellness program might probably fail than succeed. Companies and organizations vary from each other and there’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach. There are lots of factors to be considered before a custom designed corporate wellness program must be put into place.

Valkyrie Fitness and Nutrition: Your Corporate Wellness Program Partner

Working in the business for seven years, Valkyrie Fitness and Nutrition is a fitness management company with centers at Denver and Englewood, Colorado. The trainer, Dana DeBoer, has an incredible passion and an extensive experience when it comes to creating holistic wellness programs both for corporate and personal purposes. From operations to programming, Valkyrie Fitness and Nutrition inspires everyone to become health and wellness enthusiasts through its custom corporate wellness programs, nutrition coaching, personal training and online fitness program.

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